Problem with space.

Photo, Ossip van Duivenbode

In nowadays architecture debate we consider buildings as a form of modern art. Investors same as architects are becomming more and more open to new forms, new materials and ideas. At some point the inspiration is so unique, that it’s getting hard to understand and to “read” as I prefer to call it.

Good architecture is a term, which is getting extremely popular now.

We can hear about it at college, read in newspaper, or even argue with sb. while discussing exact building. But do we know what does it mean? During my research I was investigating the origin, meaning and importance of the term. I found 3 main components, which constitutes good architecture in understanding of architects and users of the architecture.


To call sth beautiful, we have to understand the basic inscription. We need to feel the link between us and the object. Some people call it canons of art. If we can not receive the meaning of the building it will be hard for us to call it beautiful.


Functional space is a fundamental for people who spend most of the time in the presence of a building. If the space is domesticated, and easy to interact we can call it’s ours.


Most of the good building are trying to be timeless, but there is time for everything. In temporal perspective, architecture can lose it’s character and miss the previous meaning.


I have to emphasize, that main 3 factors are not enough to define a quality, but they are important to understand phenomenon not only of nowadays architecture but culture in general. When we are looking at building we can point its advantages, disadvantages, values etc. but what is the problem with architecture really about? I found out that all the discourse around architecture is missing one of the most basic assumption. Do we know all the side effects of functioning in a modern architectural space? Are an aesthetics, functional and temporal factors really most important?

During observing and experiencing spaces, and reading articles about the impact of space, I discovered a gap that was filled with all the stuff that we were trying to fit in. That gap is an assumption that space is oppressive towards us.

Human is always subordinate to space and buildings which he creates.

IMG_2319.JPGThe moment when I found out that problem with architecture lays right at the base was crucial for me. It was really important to look at all the problems and articles thru this assumption, and it brings me to the begging of my research project again.



How to say Hi?

Things gets complicated when nobody’s really in front of You. Might seems wired but anyway. To anybody’s who ever reach here. It’s nice to see You, and share my basic thoughts about anthropology, space, and art. Please excuse my english, hope to be better one day…

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